Flattering clothes by Nicole BridgerWhen I was pregnant with my first child, I went a little crazy with the maternity clothes. And although my husband raised a skeptical eyebrow and tut-tutted about me buying items that I would — he insisted — never wear again after pregnancy, I proved him wrong. For better or for worse.

The problem is, so many of those maternity clothes that have such an accommodating cut aren’t the most fashionable of wardrobe items and really should be put on ebay or handed down to pregnant friends as soon as possible. Which is why I love Canadian fashion designer Nicole Bridger‘s collection of so-called transitional tops and skirts and dresses.

This former Vivienne Westwood intern has created eco-conscious wardrobe staples that are stylish, and yet cut in a forgiving way that can get you through the first and possibly second trimesters of a pregnancy–or even if you’re not pregnant at all and your midriff just feels a bit squooshy.

While I’m not pregnant (nor do I plan to be), I’ve already started bookmarking items for purchase. Drop-waist tank dresses! Side-pleated skirts! Grecian draping and all-around loveliness!

And if you don’t mind wearing 2009 pieces, bonus for you: They’re on sale at fantastic prices. That integrity top is a sweet deal at just $38, reduced from $152 and the bamboo-cotton blend dress is $57 down from $228. Go forth and shop.  -Catherine

Nicole Bridger clothing can be ogled and purchased at her website, NicoleBridger.com