plum organics baby foodI will admit it: I was not one to puree my own baby food. Ever. It always seemed like a fabulous idea and I envied those moms who did, but as a working mom it was just more effort than I had the energy for. Fortunately, there are great organic brands out there like Plum Organics, that are definitely the next best thing to growing your own pumpkins and mangoes and setting up the food mill.

The new JUST line is pretty much what it says – little eco-friendly pouches of nothing but 100% pureed fruits, or fruits and veggies. Now that may seem like no big deal, but when I just looked up the stage one pears ingredients of the leading baby food brand, I found pears, pears from concentrate, ascorbic acid, citric acid. The ingredients on Plum Organics’ version? Organic pears. Period. That definitely makes me feel better about putting my baby’s nutrition in someone else’s hands.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010The Stage One Baby Foods have a nice smooth texture and clean taste, and the Stage Two Baby Foods up the ante a bit with blends like blueberry-pear-purple carrot and peach-apricot-banana. Plus I looooove those little pouches, which are fabulous for travel, and definitely beat trying to cram a bunch of jars in your suitcase and cushioning them with your humongous nursing tops. Ahem. –Liz

Find Plum Organics Baby Foods at stores like Whole Foods, or online through Babies R Us which carry the Just Fruits line exclusively. You can also find them by the box from our affiliate Amazon where Plum Organics are all 15% off if you buy them today, March 31.