Mirror, mirror on the wall…move over. We need the wall space, because there’s a new princess in town. And something tells me she’s not going to be running away from a wicked witch any time soon, because she looks pretty self-reliant, despite her noodle arms.

I love, love, love the Princess and the Pea fabric wall sticker collection from UK company Chocovenyl, which is headed up by a mom/interior designer and a kingdom of hip, modern artists from around the world. The six gorgeous wall decals in this set are reposition-able with a matte, slight fabric texture and total 51×32 inches. The biggest, most beautiful princess is a little over 3 feet tall — and yes, I had to use a calculator to convert mm to inches. Silly metric system.

Why exactly do I love it, though? Rich colors. Mod patterns. The lack of anything frou-frou. In a word: Artistry.

If you like the style but have distinctly anti-princess children, check out their mermaids, fairies, monsters, forest critters, owls, dogs…and oodles of other really cool things. The prices are a little steep, especially once you add in shipping from the UK, but they have a very reasonable return policy. And you’re paying for quality, both in materials and design. They even do custom work, making Chocovenyl the Fairy Godmother of bare walls. ~Delilah

Find wonderful children’s wall decals online from Chocovenyl and CMP readers can save 10% through 5/16 with code “coolmompicks”

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