Paintable wooden wall art for kids - fish
So, aside from the cluster of dirt smears from his heels, my kid’s bedroom wall is a little lackluster. And why, by the way, does he feel the need to kick his dirty little feet against the wall every night while he sleeps, anyway?

I’m loving the look of the neat paintable wall décor from the Bay Area mom-and-pop team at Wallter. These stick-on pieces aren’t decals; they’re tactile, geometric, pre-primed wood, and they’re ready to be painted in whatever
color-scheme your little heart (or your little kid) desires. And they adhere easily with a peel-on backing and stay up permanently, so they won’t fall off accidentally on someone’s head. In other words, perfect for a little one’s room.

wallter paintable wall decor - butterflies
There are 12 designs on the site, some more kid-like than others. In fact, some of the designs can be found places like the W Hotels or Urban Outfitters.

Personally I’d be tempted to leave those cute little fishies and bubbles unpainted. Not because I’m lazy, but because I like clean, modern lines. Right.  –Stephanie

Find the Wallter wall decor online at Fold Bedding

[via design*sponge]

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