I used to organize a girls night out with friends once a month, and it always started with one itty-bitty email to the group. Pretty soon though, that email had mushroomed into dozens of reply-to-all’s, forwards, links to can we try this place, and before long, I’m wondering when my personal secretary is going to appear to simplify things.

While not exactly a personal secretary, Lunchwalla has the right idea for people who, like me, want to get friends or coworkers together for lunch, a movie, or a five-hour dinner away from the kids. And it works a lot like some of our favorite online invitation sites, like Pingg, where all the replies, comments and general email noise gets stored in one place on the site. 

Also, since I do not exactly have my finger on the pulse of the food-and-entertainment options in my area, I appreciate that Lunchwalla can help me search online for restaurants in my immediate area, and they’ll even let me narrow in on those with online reservations, menus for me to drool over, or even those with special offers or coupons.

They’ve recently added planning capabilities for movie listings and events like concerts, local tours and sports so that for that one time a year I actually get out to the movies with friends, I may never deal with mass email unintended consequences again. -Christina

Lunchwalla is still in its beta phase, but has restaurants, movies and events ready for planning. 

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