You’ve got some organic spaghetti on your face, honey. Let me get that for you. (Licks thumb, scrubs face off shrieking, flailing baby.) There, isn’t that better?

Well, a little. I mean, the tomato sauce has been replaced by a red rash, and my baby is covered in spit. But at least it’s better than drenching his tender face in diaper wipe “juice” riddled with propylene glycol, right? Wrong, thanks to Elements Naturals 100% Compostable baby wipes.

These natural baby wipes are now even more fantastic than they were when last we lauded their benefits. And a lot better than mom’s saliva. They’re still free of chemicals, fragrances, and chlorine. But now that they’re made of Ingeo, a man-made fiber crafted from plants, they’re compostable too. The bag doesn’t rustle and crunch annoyingly like the new Sun Chips bag, though — I promise. And since 39 billion baby wipes find their forever homes in landfills every year, that’s one less thing for me to feel guilty about.

Of course, none of that matters if they don’t work, right?

Thankfully, these baby wipes fabulous, whether you’re facing a week of what I call “Strawberry Doom Diapers” or just cleaning off that sweet little face before visiting Grandma. They are more pricey than regular wipes, clocking in at around $6 for a pack of 80. But they’re guilt-free and oil-free, and my kids don’t flinch when I get out the bright yellow bag and start scrubbing either end. -Delilah

Elements Naturals natural baby wipes
are available at Whole Foods,, and possibly a store near you.

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