baby seat cover
Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to put our precious newborn in a germ-free, weather-protected, cocoon of safety at some point? That’s not just me, right? But the problem with any sort of covering for an infant seat is that it’s generally either 1) incomplete or 2) ugly.

But aha! Meet Berry Goods Baby,
inventors and purveyors of boutique-quality over-the-handle infant
carrier covers.

Not only are the fabrics pretty, the cover
protects baby from mosquitoes, rain, and sticky-fingered strangers at
the supermarket for those of you freaked out about such things. Fold
back one flap to access the handle, fold back another to reveal the
tinted mesh peekaboo window so baby can see out and you can see in. Or
leave both flaps down and give baby a little cocoon of shelter in bad

Sounds cozy, really. I wish they made one big enough to
go over my desk. -Mir

You can buy Berry
Goods Baby infant carrier
covers directly from their
, or at select boutiques.


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