The headlines are everywhere: Not only is the sun hurting you, but your sunscreen is now a partner in crime. Whether you fear nanoparticles, retinoids, or hormone disruptors, it’s easy to spend twenty minutes in the sunscreen aisle drooling in frustration. But you don’t have to fear your children’s sunscreen any longer, thanks to this dandy list: The Environmental Working Group’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide.

As CMP always says, checking with EWG is a good idea when you’re searching for a new product, because their easy rating system tells you exactly how safe the product components are for your body and the earth. But when it comes to sunscreen–including lip balm, make-up, and moisturizer with SPF–they’ve already compiled the ultimate sunscreen list. You can also search for a product, view the Hall of Shame, and read up on surprising sunscreen facts backed by recent research. And you can be sure the recommended sunscreens protect against both UVA and UVB rays and are free from the worst chemicals.

Good ratings go to CMP favorites California Baby and Trukid, with top ratings to a brand called Badger sunblock. Unfortunately, they don’t cover every brand, such as our beloved Supergoop and Little Twig, but you can check the ingredients yourself, armed with EWG knowledge.

Just don’t forget to take the ratings with a grain of salt–some otherwise great products get dinged for having fragrance, which–ahem–some of us like. Still, any tool to keep us cool in the pool with a grin and safe skin is a big ol’ win.

Find the results of the 2010 Sunscreen Guide online through the Environmental Working Group

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