Kids' nighttime safety reflector tags
It’s hard to imagine right now — as the kids run around outside in pure daylight until well past 8:00 — that the days are getting shorter, again. And before we know it, we’ll be back to those early mornings of heading out to school when it’s still dark out. Alas.

Fortunately, thanks to these cool reflectors from Firefly,
you can easily make sure your kiddo is plenty visible and feed
their need for cool. There’s tons of different options, each reflector
handily masquerading as a bit of standard kid-bling to hang on a
backpack or jacket zipper pull.

Catch one in your headlights,
and it sends a clear message: “I’m standing right here, and my mom will probably be mad if if you don’t slow down.” -Mir

Buy your Firefly
safety reflectors
online at shops like Babesta or Catching


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