See Kai Run Fall 2010 Pink Ruffle Mary JaneIf there were ever a Fall/Winter collection I’ve been waiting for, it’s the one from one of my favorite kid’s shoe designers, See Kai Run. And while my kids will probably be in sandals for a few more months down here in the Deep South, that doesn’t mean I can’t be prepared for the cooler weather now with some of these truly fabulous styles.

(Yes, that’s the pathetic justification of the shoe-a-holic.)

It’s hard not to be immediately smitten with their girl’s line, which
once again transforms the basic Mary Jane into a selection super stylish shoes,
like the ridiculously cute pink ruffle Belle shoe
(pictured left). I love that it’s also available in plain black– a nice little
touch if you prefer neutrals, or if you’ve got a kiddo who needs them for school uniforms.

also digging the Taylor shoe in gray, which has a funky design that might actually ensure that your littler ones get their shoes on the right feet.

See Kai Run Fall Collection Hugh Boy LoaferI will admit that the fall 2010 See Kai Run boy’s shoes seem a more reminiscent of seasons past than I was hoping for, although I suppose there’s something to be said for the old not broke/don’t fix thing. I do like their modern play on a classic loafer
(Hugh, pictured right), however. The addition of velcro makes them more modern
and less Grandpa-inspired–not that we don’t love Grandpas, of course.

Whatever children’s shoes you choose at See Kai Run, know you’ll be getting high quality, supportive,
and comfortable shoes that will last. So says the mom of a toddler who’s
now wearing her sister’s hand-me-down See Kai Run shoes from a few seasons ago. -Kristen

Check out the complete Fall/Winter See Kai Run and Smaller collection at See Kai Run. And score free shipping on all US orders (or $5 off to Canada) through 8/16.