Clearance sale boys button down oxford
It’s probably pretty clear that my favorite time for shopping is anytime, but I do so love the end of season sales – and what a doozy we found over at Parasols Kids Boutique.

If you act fast, you can grab designer duds for your kids ranging in
price from $5 to $25, which include summer styles as well as last fall
and winter – an extra cool bonus. There are plenty of boy options,
which seems like a rarity – like this great boys’ button down shirt (currently $15 down from $65 – pictured) which is perfect for fall. For girls, I love the adorable and versatile Courtney pant, also only $15 right now.

definitely worth flipping through each of the bins because you never
know what items will catch your eye. But show now – with those prices,
I’m pretty sure these items won’t last long. -Kristen

Check out the great summer clearance sale at Parasols Kids Boutique.

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