cinderella: the play
One of the most all-time hilarious family moments of ours was the time my mom (the awesome elementary educator) got my kids (the hams) into handmade masks and acted out Little Rabbit Foo Foo for the whole brood. Let’s just say a kid’s crayon interpretation of a “goon” isn’t necessarily what you’d think it is.

I loved how my mother helped them bring the story to life through art and dramatization. So I was so thrilled to discover  a company helping you and your kids do just that, with classic children’s stories.

The Now I’m Reading Plays are smart little drama kits complete with a read along storybook, four illustrated masks, and individual “script” books for each role including the narrator. It’s a brilliant system, complete with graphic icons and color coding on the scripts so kids can easily jump in at the right time. 

The company recommends them for ages 4-7, but unless you’ve got a four year-old who’s reading well, it might be a bit young to be running lines. Still, I get my three year-old involved by feeding her lines, or heck, letting her improvise a little. Especially when she already knows the gist of stories like Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella.

The Now I’m Reading Plays are so fun for car trips, rainy Sundays or family reunions, I fully expect to be accepting requests for drama club field trip chaperones in no time.

Of course I’m still waiting for the Little Rabbit Foo Foo kit. If the company needs any testers with that one, let me know. -Liz

Find the The Now I’m Reading Plays online at the always fabulous Spoon Sisters.

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