Nest Dexter Diaper BagHaving a baby right at the change of season is very dangerous for my wallet because it’s far too easy to rationalize a new diaper bag purchase. Something swanky. Something current. Something that makes me feel more stylish and less enormous and leaky than I’m actually feeling these days.

The brand new Nest Dexter Diaper bag may be that very thing.

I’m talking myself into the Nest Dexter Diaper bag as we speak, although it’s not quite as pricey as some of the other designer bags that
start at least a good $100 more. And what you get with Nest bags…
well, let’s just say it’s easy to see why they’re a celebrity mom

nest diaper bag interiorThe styling of this particular bag is fantastic, especially
the military green (so hot right now!) and the gold flat studs. But the
functionality is equally awesome, with the water-resistant lining which
actually completely zips out; this way, you can wash it and put it
back, or take it out completely for an awesome post-diaper handbag. No one will ever know, considering it’s devoid of those exterior bottle pockets.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010None of that Oh it’s a beautiful
bridesmaid’s dress that you’ll be able to wear again
, I promise! BS. This really is one that you can wear again.So, really, it’s like you’re getting two amazing bags for the price of
one. I think that just sealed the deal for me.

Although I already was
convinced about four sentences ago. -Kristen

Find the Nest Dexter Diaper bag, along with a bunch of their other designer diaper bags at Arte Bebe. And this bag ships free in the continental US. Whoo!