Uusi Advent CalendarAs December nears, my house is ready to to become a big, kid-friendly fun house of colored blinky lights and tinsel. With three kids, I know what to expect and have given in to All Things Christmas. 

Except I’ve just seen the most beautifully refined and sophisticated Advent Calendar for the holidays that would make the perfect little wintry oasis from all the red, green and “blink” going on at this time of year.

No Santa or sleighs, no reindeer or glued-on glitter, yet Uusi’s Advent Calendar looks just right for winter with its screen-printed chalet scene. The use of terra cotta and gray instead of greens and reds makes this an artful image I’d keep up well past New Year’s Eve without apology. And it’d make a very special gift for my European mom who could unwrap it year after year with her holiday decorations.

Created by the duo of Linnea and Peter Dunham who sold their much-loved company Binth Studio to start Uusi, this advent calendar reflects their amazing design sensibilities and attention to detail. Just check out the feathery thatched roof and texture on the chalet that they are able to achieve using just one color. 

And while I think the look of Uusi’s Advent Calendar is more my tastes than my three little kids’, they’d still get all the fun of opening the “doors” each day to see what is hidden behind them. Plus I appreciate that the doors are numbered in order from top to bottom since it makes the daily “how much longer?” questions a lot easier for my eager kids to visualize. And it tells me, in a glance, how much longer I have to get ready for the big day. -Christina 

Uusi’s Advent Calendar can be found at the new Uusi Shop with free shipping until 11/15.