Reusable holiday gift bagI love the hustle of the holiday season: cooking, shopping and giving are three of my favorite things. What I really don’t like is finding the right wrapping paper for my latest treasures – and it can get ugly when I have multiple smaller gifts, for teachers and neighbors.

We’re talking last-minute wrapping in the form of torn tissue paper held together with stickers, which doesn’t look so hot, especially if those gifts are–shall we say–somewhat modest.

Sometimes a gal really needs something to help with the upsell. 

Check out the personalized items from momma Bridgett Edwards at Perideau Designs. Perideau specialized in custom labels, stationary and gift packaging, but I honed right in on her wee gift bags.
You can buy a dozen of one style of the cute cotton pouches, or mix and
match the silhouettes and colors. (I am quite fond of the hat-wearing

At  5″ x 8″, they’re the perfect size to hold some gelt, an ornament or
two, an assortment of rubber lizards, and some vintage jewelry. That’s
pretty much my entire list right there. – Barbara

Find reusable wee gift bags online at Perideau Designs.Be sure to place your order by December 12 to guarantee delivery by mid-December.