ninjabread men
I couldn’t help it. I had to eat the cookies.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that. But with these new Ninjabread Man cookie cutters, it’ll finally be true.

You don’t want to make the ninjas mad, do you? Those guys come out of nowhere!

If you’re looking for
the perfect gift for the guy who’s always linking articles from The
Onion on his Facebook page, or for the hostess who never takes herself too seriously, this is it.

Forget boring old gingerbread men, with their floppy white icing
smiles and gumdrop buttons. Ninjabread men won’t just sit around in your
cookie jar. No, they’ll sneak into your kitchen (and stomach) with
stealth and subtlety. And when they disappear, you can blame it on the
deadly arts. Like nunchucks or something.

Ninjabread Man Cookie Cutters
As for me, I’ll be baking sugar cookie
ninjas, icing them, and having old school Mortal Kombat battles in
which I’ll eat the losers. Fatality!~Delilah

Retailers are playing musical chairs with who can keep the ninja cookie cutters in stock. Try our friends at Perpetual Kid, or our affiliate, Amazon.


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