Dan Zanes sings for Hanukkah
Although everyone from Rod Stewart to The Black Eyed Peas seems to put out Christmas albums, it’s pretty rare for anyone besides Adam Sandler to do something new and interesting with Hanukkah music. 

New and interesting is something Dan Zanes knows well and his brand-new, just-in-time version of the traditional Hanukkah song Ner Li is a perfect addition to our holiday. 

I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with this song, but it’s really lovely.

You’ll recognize his famous Spanish-guitar vibe (which makes sense, since one of his collaborators is Sonia De Los Santos). Dan sings the first verse in Hebrew and then repeats it in English so everyone can understand, and enjoy, the song. 

So, if you’ve had about all you can take of “I have a little Dreidel” add this to your OyPod, I mean your iPod. 
Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate.–Betsy

Download Dan Zanes’ version of Ner Li right here and check out Dan Zanes’ website for upcoming tour dates and other Zanes-related info.

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