Yoga pantsLet me be absolutely clear, here: While I don’t necessarily agree that yoga pants can only be worn for yoga, I do believe that they’re closer to sweatpants than to jeans. That is to say, I don’t condone the wearing of yoga pants on date night, mamas. There’s a time and a place.

That said, yoga pants are awesome for exercising and lounging around wrapping gifts, and if you think that your options are to be comfortable or to look good, I’m about to change your mind.

Meet your new favorite exercise gear. They’re yoga pants.
Rather, they’re ultra-comfy yoga pants with something called a Blu-Tec
Control System, or fancy-speak for “Hey, did someone sew the world’s
most comfortable Spanx into these somehow??”

hold you in, but the fabric stretches and breathes. You look great. You
feel great. I love them.

But–and this is important–you’re still not allowed to
wear them on date night. Trust me. -Mir

Get your own Tummy Control Straight Leg Pants from The Girls Apparel. Maybe they’ll inspire you to ease up on the Christmas basket shortbread this year?