Hanging boughs of holly and popcorn is fine for the mantel, but you wouldn’t want to wear them yourself. I mean, think of all the cleavage sap full of popcorn crumbs.

If you’re looking to decorate yourself for the holidays while staying comfortable and chic, you won’t want to miss this free tutorial on how to make adorable, wearable garlands out of felt.

Bonus: it’s easy!

The Purl Bee Blog, which represents the popular yarn and fabric shop Purl Soho, always has loads of adorable projects to knit, embroider, and sew. But we really love the cheery Twisted Felt Garland from guest blogger Molly’s Notebook. All you need to create necklaces and bracelets for gifts–or a gorgeous garland for home decorating–are felt, pins, a rotary cutter, and some sew-on snaps.

No sewing machine, no giant knitting needles, no magic.

Whether you’re doing white and red or pink for Christmas, white and blue for Hanukkah, or black and white for a splashy New Year’s accent, the garlands are easy to make and would be a great gift or a fun project for older girls–7 to 14, maybe. Just watch their pretty, pink-tipped fingers around that rotary cutter.

Visit  the Purl Bee for this easy felt garland tutorial. They sell the felt, too!