Paperspring Sticky Stock
Now that I’ve gone through a total kitchen renovation and upgraded to a fancy schmancy stainless steel refrigerator I’ve—gasp!—lost the ability to hang my beloved paper calendar with a magnet from the front.

Fortunately a cool paper-goods company has figured out a way to get a calendar to hang almost anywhere you can think of, without glue, tape, tacks or magnets.

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Paperspring’s Sticky Stock Calendars are printed on a really neat, unique paper that will stick to just about any surface: My new refrigerator, the wall, the bathroom mirror, the cat. Okay, not the cat. Personally, I mostly keep mine on the front of my stainless fridge, positioned to cover as many fingerprints as possible. 

Despite the name, I don’t feel anything sticky on my Sticky Stock calendar at all. Instead, Sticky Stock feels a wee bit like fax paper used to feel if you are old enough to remember this–but minus the nauseasting smell and tendancy to curl up into an annoying tube. If I had paid attention in science class, I would probably know if it’s static or something else that keeps it hanging there.

Where this “magic calendar” really comes in handy is when I have something I really don’t want to forget like: Dentist @ 8am. I can write this onto the calendar and then stick it to my bathroom mirror so I remember to hustle first thing in the morning.

There really isn’t enough room to manage the three-ring circus that is my children’s lives, but for special “don’t forget” moments, it’s gold.

One critique is that the two designs lean a bit toward the cutesy versus the sophisticated. But  I do like the cheery colors and designs which make me feel less gloomy when I look at my shiny new refrigerator and see that there are still five more days until the weekend. And more fingerprints. -Christina

Paperspring’s Sticky Stock Calendars are ready to print for 2011; receive a discount with the purchase of more than one. And if you really love it, you can even print photographs on the Sticky Stock paper.

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