Forget germs or flu bugs or anything like that. The way I see it, there are three new reasons to wash your hands right now:

The three new holiday scents from Method.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a hand soap that didn’t smell
marvelous. These days, even frugal girls don’t have to settle for anything less! But my all-time favorites are the holiday scents. The relaxed comfort of peppermint vanilla, the spicy warmth of cinnamon bark, and the tart, juicy bite of hollyberry are the perfect complements to Method’s
usual eco-conscious and skin-friendly formula.

You can’t lose with natural ingredients,
gentle cleansers, and essential oils combined in recyclable packaging to make the holidays even greener. And they’re easy to find in your favorite supermarket’s soap aisle.

Oh. I almost forgot. Method’s holiday hand soaps are also good for keeping your hands clean.~Delilah

Buy the holiday hand washes and other Method products online from Method or a wide variety of retailers in time for your Christmas day company.

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