Uglypillows by Uglydoll
I love the new Uglypillows from Uglydoll. Perhaps it brings out the motherly instinct in me? A face that only a mother could love?

Oh, no. I hope this isn’t a throw back to my awkward years. Do you think the Uglypillows would be the last to be picked for kickball? And nobody would ask them for a slow dance at their best friend’s Bat Mitzvah?

Well each of the four new Uglypillows
is uglier (or cuter) than the next. These funny little friends are
perfect for a nursery or playroom chair, in a crib (when they’re past
the SIDS stage, of course), on a toddler bed or for lounging around on
the floor.

Uglypillows by Uglydoll

love the way they look in a group, but the Uglies will play by
themselves, if necessary, or with whatever toys in the nursery will
accept them. However, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s
best to buy them in pairs so they don’t get lonely. -Elizabeth

Each Uglypillow measures 14″ x 14″. Find the new Uglypillows at the official Uglydoll online store.

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