mini goals chalkboard
Remember how nice it was when you were a kid and got kudos for oh, say, trying your string beans? Making your bed? Brushing your teeth?

While we still hopefully commend our own kids for those things (that is, when they do them!), I am simply in love with this blackboard that gives us mamas a little virtual pat on the back every day too.

The custom-painted mini-goals chalkboard is such a cool bit of decor to display in a kitchen to inspire and
entertain the whole brood. Whatever you write in the space, you’re
rewarded with a good day indeed! I also like the idea of hanging
it in the kids’ room as an alternative to a chore chart. It just might
help lend a little encouragement for the kiddos to finish their
schoolwork, feed the dog, or simply give you great big hugs before

You’ll find it from Mary Kate McDevitt, a talented Portland illustrator
whose typography talents kind of make me want everything in her Etsy
shop. You’ll see. –Liz

Find the mini goals chalkboard, clockboard, posters and more from Mary Kate McDevitt on Etsy.

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