We’re perpetual fans of Martha Stewart’s craft supplies and if you’re a DIY-er, it’s a good investment for Valentine’s Cards and crafts this month.

Their new heart punch aptly called Heart Punch All Over the Page lets you achieve the impossible–an absolutely perfect heart shape anywhere on the page. Even in the center.

For someone like me (an imperfect crafter with ridiculously high standards), this heart punch is a coveted tool. For someone like my daughter (a three-year-old who expects me to create perfection), this is a headache saver.

We’ll be using it to decorate her class valentines, to create custom tags for cookies, and (as the snow continues to fall), to make a collage of different colored hearts: one for Na-Na and one to keep for herself.

Thanks Martha, for making things a lot cuter than if I did all by myself.  –Elizabeth

Find Martha Stewart’s Heart Punch and many more fun Valentine’s Day crafting products at Michael’s Stores.