Let’s face it, at some point in time, everybody ends up staring at the last flower petal, thinking, He loves me not? FINE. I’ve been there. In fact, I spent an entire Valentine’s Day in college wearing all black as my anti-Valentine statement after a harsh break-up. And then I went home and ate a half gallon of cheap ice cream and cried until there was mascara in my bra.

If you’re looking for an even sweeter gift to send straight to the door of someone who needs an anti-Valentine’s Day pick-me-up, look no further.

The Anti-Valentine Ice Cream Gift
from eCreamery is an elegant way to reject all this enforced
hearts-and-flowers fussiness. And the four flavors it includes are utterly dreamy. From
Love Bites which beckons with white chocolate ice cream, macadamia nuts, and
milk chocolate truffles; to the Crabby Cupid which cures heartache with red
velvet ice cream and cream cheese frosting swirls.

Whether you have a single girlfriend looking for love or a
niece suffering her first heartbreak, gourmet eCreamery ice cream is a
fabulous way to show your love and anti-Valentine’s solidarity. Well,
provided she’s not lactose intolerant. ~Delilah

Order the Anti-Valentine Ice Cream Gift Four-pack from eCreamery by the 1/2 gallon or full gallon. But if you’re into all that “Glory of Love” stuff, they also have several Valentines gift sets for sweethearts, lovers, and lovers of chocolate.

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