Cool kids' stepstools
Okay, I’ll come right out and admit it. My bathroom has one of those mass-produced step stool eyesores in it that just about every one of my friends has, too. Yes, it works. My kids can climb onto the toilet with ease, reach the faucet to wash their own hands and climb up to places they aren’t supposed to be, just by moving the step stool into, oh, every other room of the house.

Somehow I think I’d care far less about their step stool overuse if they were using one of the delightful new modern stepstools from Manny & Simon.
The little animal shapes are refreshingly sweet. I kind of can’t stop
looking at the purple lamb, since I know my daughter would love it; but
if you’re looking for something a little less, well, purple, the gray
elephant is equally gorgeous.

Yes, they’re kid-themed but since that’s who they’re for, I’m
okay with it. I think the colors and the crisp, simple shapes of the
animals are perfect. And they’re made in the USA out of recycled wood
residuals and painted with non-toxic, ultra low odor paint. 

They’re so perfect, in fact, that I wouldn’t mind finding one,
say, in the middle of my living room. Would sure as heck look better
than that white plastic one with rubberized blue dots on top. –Stephanie

Find the new modern stepstool from Manny & Simon

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