Color In ClocksWhat time is it when the little hand is pointing to the chocolate cupcake and the big hand is pointing to the cherry-topped vanilla?

Who cares? It’s a cupcake clock that you (or your kids) can color with crayons!

In a world dominated by singing, dancing, holographic digital clocks, I’m seriously digging on this gorgeous line of color-yourself letterpress clocks. The tagline at 9SPOTMONK is Exquisitely Modern Design And Letterpress,
and I love that they’ve applied their elegant sensibilities to an art
project that’s perfect for any kid’s room. Or my kitchen.

you’re not into cupcakes, they also have butterflies, trains, and some
whimsically awesome robots. Each clock is letterpress printed on thick,
100% recycled white chipboard cover (hence the $34 price tag) and is ready to hang as soon as you pop in
two AA batteries. 

Three crayons are included. But since it’s not a
menu at Longhorns, you’re going to want way more than three colors for
your masterpiece. Dig out that 64-pack of Crayolas and get ready for
awesome o’clock. ~Delilah

The Color In Clock is available from 9SPOTMONK.