Cool kids' pajamas
I have a lot of words for our current putting-of-the-kids-to-sleep experience. With a bed-jumping preschooler and a bedtime-book-ripping baby, “magical” is not one of them.

Or at least it hasn’t been. But maybe that’ll change with the right sleepwear.

This enchanting line of children’s pajamas by Noeuf–or
“pyjamas” consdiering these babies are European–seems like everything
dreams are made of. Made with organic cotton that looks as soft as the
night is long (or as long as it should be, dear children who wake before the dawn), the prints are whimsical–and ooh-aah-adorable.

Just look at those fairy wings, sketched right onto the back of this girls’ nightgown. To die for!

The Netherlands’ Shak-Shuka carries the sleepwear collection, which includes cuteness like two-piece superhero pajamas, cowboy pajamas and princess pajamas, all of which happen to come with masks.

But magic–especially the cute kind–isn’t
cheap. You might want to ask a friend or family member living in the
Netherlands (what? You do have one, don’t you?) to pick some of these up for you as a special gift; the aforementioned fairy nightgown runs about $65.  Lexi

Add some whimsy to your kids’ bedtime routines with organic Noeuf pajamas at Shak-Shuka.

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