Jelly Bean bath hooksKids seem to require an inordinate amount of Stuff Corralling, and I’m okay with that; but I’m not okay with putting holes in the walls every time I want the kids to stop putting everything they own on the floor because “I don’t have anywhere else to put it.” Up until now, every so-called “non-marking” hook I’d found either 1) left a mark or 2) fell off the wall the first time you actually hung something on it.

These Jelly Bean Bath Hooks from Slip-X
are different. Maybe it’s because they’re nice and big, but their
suction cups grab on for dear life and actually stand up to things like
wet towels and heavy backpacks. (Pull the tab when you’re ready to
relocate them and they pop right off.)

Because they don’t have any sharp edges (no head bonks, here) and come
in a variety of multi-colored three-packs, they’re ideal for kids, and
they’re 100% BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, too. Use them to make life
easier for kids, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself
sneaking one for your bathroom or the laundry area, too. They’re
versatile little things. -Mir

Buy Jelly Bean Bath Hooks directly from Slip-X, or from our affiliate, Amazon.