Stroller umbrella
It’s one of those rare faults of nature that moms don’t sprout a few extra arms after they have a baby. Even simple walks get tricky when you have only two hands: you have to push a stroller, shoulder your purse, hang onto a shopping bag, pick up a fallen sippy cup, slurp a much-needed cup of coffee, field a call on your cell…. And what if it starts raining? Tough luck, soggy mama. You’re out of hands.

Thank goodness motherhood makes invention a necessity. We will never again sport the drowned-rat-steering-a-stroller look, thanks to the smart thinking of two city mamas.

They created My Blue Bumbershoot, a big, bubble-shaped, clear umbrella for the stroller, only it’s not for the baby–it’s for you. It connects right to your stroller’s handlebar so that you can stay dry, hands-free. It’s
sturdy (the pole isn’t going to collapse on you), durable (no
inside-out-umbrella-itis when the wind blows), and so easy to install.
It almost makes you wish for rain.
And don’t get me wrong, I could still use another three or four hands. Just not to hold an umbrella. -Lexi

Get fabulously rain-ready with a My Blue Bumbershoot stroller umbrella from online shops like Think Geek or Crocodile Baby.

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