Playsam Rocking Horse
As a Southern transplant, I couldn’t let the annual running of the Kentucky Derby go by without at least a little hat tip (ha, get it?). But since I’m pretty sure I won’t have a need for a gigantic hat anytime soon, I figured a cute little horse for my little jockeys was much more up my alley.

This gorgeous rocking horse by Playsam is sleek and sophisticated, and built to last through lots of different riders. Made from wood and paints from Germany, it’s a fantastic modern update to the more traditional rocking toy that all kids seem automatically drawn to.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect baby’s first birthday gift, or wanting to add a little functional Swedish design to your toddler’s room, my money’s on Playsam. -Kristen

Purchase the Playsam Rocking Horse (now $20 off) at Moolka.


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