I’d like my cup of Joe with a cup of kindness. Instead of sugar, I’ll take straight-up sweetness, especially towards the farmers.

That’s the idea behind Safi Coffee.

Safi (pronounced saw-fee) is Swahili for honest, clean, transparent. In a world where coffee farmers often make less than $20 per year, Safi pays at least fair trade prices and invites the farmers to join the company as stakeholders, where they receive dividends and are treated as partners.

And the coffee itself? I tried the Direct Trade Medium Roast, which is grown in the lush
foothills of Mount Kenya by local organic standards, then artisan
roasted in the US for optimal flavor. I enjoyed it. A lot. I found it to be a great, mild, rounded coffee with slight vanilla undertones, and if goes fabulously with some hazelnut creamer. If you love your Starbucks, you’ll definitely want to skip the Medium and buy the Dark Roast, which they say makes a fine espresso and has hints of chocolate. 
My husband even remarked, “What’d you do
differently with the coffee? It’s richer!” And I smirked and told him I
made it with extra love. Which, considering Safi’s business model, is
the complete truth. Honestly, I’d rather spend a little more up front to help the farmers instead of tossing my change in the drive-thru tip jar. ~Delilah

Safi Coffee
can be ordered from their website in Medium and Dark roasts for about $14.99 per bag, with discounts for
bulk purchases. There’s also a Coffee of the Month Club, if you’re
looking for a great gift. And they do school fundraisers, too.

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