felt heartsSome mornings, as I leave for work, my daughter says, “Mommy, give me something from your bag so I can remember you!” I reach in and pull out a business card, a pen…anything will do really. It’s become a sweet little tradition between us.

But now I think I have a new thing with which to send her off to school that’s better than a dog-eared ATM receipt.

The second I saw these first day of school felt hearts I was smitten. So basic, and yet so adorable. And the price is just right.

Of course, the price can be more right if you’re the crafty type; mom and artist Helen has offered up the very simply DIY heart craft tutorial so you can make your own felt hearts. Just stuff with fiberfill and love, and send them off in your kid’s lunchbox or pockets to make the first days of school even more fun.

Anyone have a DIY for a pocketful of Kleenex? Oh wait, I already have that covered. –Liz

Find the first day of school felt hearts online at Etsy’s Curlybirds. And find the tutorial on the Curlybirds blog where you’ll find plenty of other beautiful craft ideas.

[via design mom]