PPB = phone is pretty beautiful!
is upon us, friends, and we’re celebrating with cool tech at Cool Mom Tech. (Of course!)  Whether you
need a quick app to entertain your preschooler in the carpool line or a
surge protector to keep six laptops humming, we’ve got it for you.

Here are 5 of our favorite picks of the last week that you might have missed.

1. Our back to school tech guide launches with a round-up of some of our favorite must-have gadgets for back to school. Althouhg we haven’t yet found a magic alarm clock that makes 6am seem tolerable.

2. A mom-favorite designer is making geek even more chic with these gorgeous new gadget covers.

3. We found a smart surge protector that protects our gadgets, our sanity, and our wallets.

4. You know it’s 2011 when there’s a laptop-friendly backpack just for tweens. And it’s awesome looking.

5. If you’ve ever wanted to cry while Meryl Streep reads The Velveteen Rabbit, now’s your chance. You’ll love this 99 cent sale for some of our very favorite kids’ apps that ends this weekend!

If you own a computer or a cell phone–which we’re guessing you do–make sure you’re a Cool Mom Tech subscriber so we can hook you up with exclusive discounts, giveaways and cool picks for the wired generation.


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