Girls' hat from Fit to FlickWhether
I’m ready or not, it’s officially fall, and the hats and scarves are starting to fill the stores, as I needed another
reminder that cold weather is on its way.

If you’re starting to track down fall accessories for your daughters, there’s a new
label making hats for girls and women with a twist. Or
really, with a ponytail.

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At Fit to Flick,
you’ll find really adorable knit hats that look not too different from
similar hats I’ve seen. With one big exception: they actually have a
hidden slit in the back to pop a ponytail through. Now I’ve never been a
big fan of those kinds of hats, but these are different–the slit is
concealed by a vertical flap, so you never really notice it at all if
you don’t use it. Which sure beats having a giant hole in the back of
your hat.

Ponytail hats from Fit to FlickAs for the quality, color me impressed. We got a look at the Ella Ponytail Hat
(I prefer the balance of the ear flap hats to the standard skull caps
when you’ve got long hair sticking out the back) and it’s quite nice.
The cotton-alpaca blend is soft and “not scratchy,” as my daughter put
it. And while it’s sized for 7-13 year olds, neither my six year-old nor
her four year-old little sister are swimming in it. Which is good.
Those ponytails aren’t getting any shorter as the years go on. –Liz

Find girls’ and women’s ponytail hats online at Fit to Flick
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