Handmade Halloween costumes for kids - princess costumes

I did this thing last year where I decided it to hand-make my daughter a Big Bird costume for Halloween–feather by feather. I’m not a natural costume-maker, so the whole thing was imperfect–but it was fun to make and she dug it.

This year, time constraints and other crazy life things make it not so possible to attempt such a feat, but I’ve found a pretty great substitute.

The line of kids’ costumes from Pure Play Kids
are as close to homemade as you can get–because they are. From the train engineer costume and construction
worker costume
to queen
 and princess, each one is handmade with kid-safe,
environmentally-friendly materials.

I love how timeless everything is–no trendy cartoon characters. And at just about $20 per costume, they’re affordable.

It only takes a week to get your order (including the personalized cape and mask sets) and let me just say, I guarantee it would take me longer than that just to make them myself. -Lexi

Get ready for
Halloween with handmade costumes from Pure Play Kids