Personalized wrapping paper from Frecklebox
When it comes to unwrapping gifts, people usually fall into two camps. Either they take their time, delicately lifting the tape and neatly folding up the paper; or they rip through the paper like a present-seeking claw machine. This personalized wrapping paper just might put kids in the former category, for the very first time.

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Not only is the all new personalized wrapping paper from Frecklebox adorably
designed, it also features your kids’ names right on it–something they
are absolutely sure to notice. Just type in the message you want and your custom gift wrap will ship two to three days later, which is kind of
crazy-fast for personalized anything.
$19.95, you get six feet; for $29.95, twelve. Which should at least
cover a fraction of the presents you’ll be dealing with this year. -Lexi
ready for wrapping with personalized paper at Frecklebox.
Use code CM20 for 25% off wrapping paper through 11/11!

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