Baby Grab & Go diaper bag
When it comes to diaper bags, fancier isn’t always better. Sometimes I just need something simple and classic to get the job done.

A they-thought-of-everything kind of bag, like the new Ah
Goo Baby Grab & Go Bag
, looks like it will fit the bill nicely. First of all, it’s not going to cost a full paycheck. In this
era of designer diaper bags, that’s saying something. Second, it’s
totally mom–and dad–friendly. No “Honey, I’m not wearing that Kate Spade over my shoulder” arguments
from your partner. And third, it’s got some pretty cool features.

I like the crumb drains in the back pocket of the bag. Crumb drains! I
don’t know about you, but designer or not I’ve never had a diaper bag
that wasn’t filled with bits of snacks gone by.

And there’s also a neat, expandable waterproof compartment in
the bottom of the bag. I have visions of how useful it would be for
those banana-covered baby shirts or potty accident toddler pants.

Mostly, though, it all comes back to the simplicity of the bag.
Because even though I love a fancy diaper bag now and again, sometimes,
when I’m dealing with a flipping, squirming, crawling, climbing,
kicking, raspberry-ing baby, I’m really not thinking about how
runway-ready I am. –Stephanie

Ed Note: Please note that this is not a big tote style bag; but rather a more compact bag. It’s 30cm wide, which is about 11″.

Find the new Ah

Goo Baby Grab & Go Bag, online from Ah Goo Baby.

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