This holiday season, you can do almost anything with your fancy photos: make books, cards, puzzles, even an afghan. But we found one artist putting a beautiful homemade twist on capturing your family’s image, and we think this one’s worthy of framing.

Etsy artist Norma Andreu of Cara Carmina uses your details to hand-stitch fabulous art collages of your family using her sewing machine as her brush and black thread as her ink. The results are intricate, unique, and gorgeous.

You can choose the hair and clothes, not to mention the words or sayings stitched along the top. Buttons, hearts, and old book pages produce a one-of-a-kind card that’s truly a work of art. And the price is more than reasonable, considering the work that goes into each piece– only $22.50, which is less than prints cost in some Etsy shops.

If you’re looking for gifts for others, you might also love her make-your-own bookmarks, dolls, brooches, or magnets. Looking at all the cute things in her shop, I’m beginning to think there’s nothing she can’t do, except maybe collate, sign, and mail all my Christmas cards for me. Ugh.~Delilah
Find lots of beautiful textile art collage gifts at the Cara Carmina store on Etsy.

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