razzle dazzle ruby
With all the cool apps and e-books on my iPad, I sometimes worry that my kids will have a hard time appreciating real books. But then I find ones that remind me that children’s books can be just as engaging, if not more, than the ones with all the technological bells and whistles.

Just wait until your kids get their hands on Razzle Dazzle Ruby, the
beautiful new book by Masha D’yans that comes to life with pop-ups, pull-outs, and all sorts of actions that can give ibooks a run for their money. The story features an adventurous,
imaginative girl who heads out into the snow to create her own fairy
tale, and it’s so dynamic, it will keep even the littlest readers engaged.

The book is extremely well done; it’s even got blurbs from the likes of Milton Glaser and Eric Carle. I can’t
think of a sweeter gift book for that special little girl in your life, whether she’s
someone else’s or your very own. -Kristen

You can purchase Razzle Dazzle Ruby at our affiliate Amazon.com


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