Method Holiday Collection
Method definitely had me in mind, when they developed soaps and cleaning products that not only look good out in the open, but they smell nice enough that you don’t mind washing everyone else’s dishes. (Ahem.) This year they’ve got a holiday collection that’s so delicious, I can help but hum We Need a Little Christmas while I’m scrubbing pans.

This year’s Method holiday collection
includes scents like pine, cinnamon (mmmm) and candy cane, making both
your dishes, and your children’s hands smell good enough to eat. While I
could live without the little ornament motif on some of the bottles,
the kids like them, and they are kinda cute for one month out of the
year. Buy them in gift packs of 3 at a great price, or stick with the seasonal

scents like Toasted Vanilla Bean or Roasted Apple which are in more
traditional bottles.

It really is a nice way to bring a little winter into your home.
Especially those of you for whom winter means turning the A/C down to
about 68.  –Liz

Find the Method holiday collection
online at Method Home, or at stores everywhere.

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