Cool kids' clothes by Lucky Kid
Remember your pre-baby years when you would gazing longingly at the adorable baby and toddler clothes in your favorite stores just dreaming of the day when you would be part of the world with a valid reason to buy them? That was exactly how I felt for years when shopping at the Lucky Brand stores.

Lucky’s urban boho youth designs were exactly what I pictured my future child rocking one day. So wouldn’t you know ,as soon as I finally decided to woman up and have a baby, Lucky went and pulled the pint sized line right out from under me. Hmmph. 

Well, it looks like someone on the Lucky team came to their
senses (or maybe some people grumbled louder than I did) but I was super
stoked to hear that Lucky Kid has returned. Flower power,
thermals and ponchos oh my! 

The return collection is full
of their classic stylings complete with motorcycle and guitar themed
boy gear and floral and bohemian prints for the girls. The timing
couldn’t be better for this relaunch as winter is upon us. Now I know
where to send Grandma for her holiday shopping this year. –Stephanie M

out the return of the kids’ collection from Lucky Brand at Lucky Kid.

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