Martha Stewart Hanukkah CraftsIf you’re still scrambling for a little something to make your Hanukkah celebration a bit more dazzling and festive, Martha Stewart (of course) has the most amazing roundup of Hanukkah craft ideas. Here, just a few of my favorites that seem like you could manage to get together in time for latkes and your family’s Competitive Dreidel Deathmatch.

For decked
out dreidels
(shown at top)  just coat regular wooden ones in glue and dip in
glitter. Plop them all into a big glass jar or vase and you’ve got a
great centerpiece.

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hanukkah gift card holders

If you hand out gift cards (or gelt cards?) for the season, these Dreidel
Gift Card Holders
look not too terribly hard to pull off and really
are beautiful.

dredel placecard

This dreidel
looks like something even I could make. And that’s saying

hanukkah cookies

What kid (or parent) wouldn’t love these monogrammed
Hanukkah cookies
? Honestly, they’re probably awesome even without
the monogram but the letters are a nice touch.

hanukkah headbands for kids

Instead of crowns, I really really love this idea for making a kids
Hanukkah candle headpiece
with little more than construction paper.
Which is much safer than using actual fire.  -Liz

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