Yes, so I ‘m having a winter gloves thing this week. That’s what happens when the weather drops to freezing in the Northeast and my kids, who normally hate bundling up, start complaining about cold fingers.

If you’ve got littler ones, and are tired of lost mitten syndrome–either because they don’t stay on well, or because, well, kid lose mittens–7 A.M. Enfant has some wonderful solutions.

Mostly known for their fashionable Arctic weight stroller bags for babies, this French company also makes some wonderful accessories. The classic mittens have an elasticized wrist to keep snow and wind out (and baby hands in), but what I really love is the clever way the velcro is designed–it cuts a diagonal swath down over the glove, instead of following the lines of
the wrist. They may be the easiest mittens to get little hands into that I’ve seen because you’re not wrestling with the elastic.

Plus they come in 10 beautiful waterproof fabrics, or a really great looking two-tone style.

Another choice is the long cuffed mittens–smart if your kid’s winter jacket already has elasticized sleeves because they’re meant to fit over the sleeve, not under them. Much easier for on-and-off when you’re running in and out of stores. And the best part: The string that attaches the mittens. You string it through the sleeves of the coat–voila. No more lost mittens.

Or if you’ve got infants and babies, the infant hat and mitten set is killing me with cuteness.

The sizes do seem to run a wee bit big, so while the XL is recommended for 2-4 years, I’d imagine you might get a year or two more out of them than that. Bring on the snow.

Find weatherproof mittens for babies and kids online at 7 A.M. Enfant or at a local boutique near you.

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