O, G. Can it B? Y, yes, I can C that a rainbow of letters is waiting for U.

Seriously, though. Aren’t these recycled felt letter pillows too adorable for words?

The Personalized Letter Pillows from MableDear on Etsy are big, snuggly, and sewn of felt made from recycled plastic bottles. Each letter is handmade of bright felt on cream with a cute, letter-appropriate shape on back. J is for Jellyfish, A is for Apple, and E is for Elephant. And we think that’s totally C-U-T-E.

If you want, have them customized for a few bucks more in peacock blue, mustard yellow, hot pink, or orange. What a great gift for nurseries, dorm rooms, or a new bride and groom, especially with the heart pillow! Or that cozy window seat in the library. P-O-E or J-A-N-E would fit right in.~Delilah

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