bkr glass water bottle with silicone sleeve
I fully admit to drinking way more bottled water than I should, even though I’m aware of how bad the plastic is for the environment, let alone the risk of water that’s been marinating in chemicals used to produce said plastic. But now I’ve found alternative that could truly change my water-drinking habits forever.

I just discovered the incredibly cool looking glass bkr bottles
and have fallen in love. Although the concept of a reusable bottle is
not exactly earth-shattering, the people behind bkr have managed to get
me excited about just that.

Yes, it’s made of glass, which may
sound like an accident waiting to happen, but the bottle comes housed in
a sleek, protective silicone sleeve in a range of gorgeous colors–making the whole
bottle look like a cool object d’art instead of a drinking bottle.

find the mouthpiece is shaped way better than any store-bought water
bottles and it’s super easy to clean. You can even leave the sleeve on
and stick in the top part of the dishwasher–something moms are
increasingly hesitant to do with plastic.

Although obviously bkr
bottles are too precious to use strictly as a kid’s drinking cup, I
have no objections to filling it with apple juice or chocolate milk and
sharing with my thirsty three-year-old. Sometimes. – Melissa

Find bkr bottles online at mybkr.com.

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