Custom cupcake toppers from Cake SugarThe standards for kids’ birthday cakes have gone up a bit since I was little, when we just stopped by the Piggly Wiggly and had the teen behind the counter misspell my name between the lumpy sugar roses. Now we want them to be beautiful, unique, delicious, customized, truly exciting, and–the big kicker– allergen free.

Luckily, we’ve found a way to make almost any cupcake fit the bill, even if your kid has an unusual name or non-mainstream hobby. And there’s nary a lumpy rose to be found.

Cake Sugar takes edible icing cupcake toppers to the next level. With hundreds of designs to choose from for all occasions and even a completely custom option (add your kid’s photo!), you’re sure to find something that will match your party theme, all for all just $1 to $2 per topper.

It’s a great bargain–bake your own cupcakes, then just top them off with one of the Cake Sugar toppings for a professional look without the professional price.

I love that they’re Kosher, contain no known allergens, and are free of gluten and dairy. But just as importantly, they’re not a thick hunk of papery-tasting goo like wafer paper or fondant. They’re made of a thin sheet of icing so when you apply them to your cake or cupcake, they merge with the icing and provide a smooth cutting or biting experience with no noticeable taste. 
And I know, because I tried them. My daughter wanted a luau party, and whaddyaknow? They had that. We were able to customize hair color and add her unusual name, and the toppers arrived safely even in the heat of Georgia. So much better than lumpy roses and a horse that looks like a foot.~Delilah
Find oodles of edible icing cupcake toppers or have them create a custom design to top your cupcakes or cake, all at Cake Sugar