Egg carton garden kits from In the Koop
I envy those people (you know who you are!) who pick fresh tomatoes from their garden before making a bruschetta with ingredients all grown in their backyard. Believe me, I have tried to be one of these people. But, I was born without a green thumb. This has led me to unbelievably friendly relationships with my local farmers and Farmer’s Markets.

But this fabulously cool idea allows me to have my cake–or really, kale salad–and eat it too, all while getting the kids involved.

In the Koop
packages varieties of seeds in an egg carton, all equally intriguing and
delectable, ffrom edible flowers to oyster mushrooms. I am
particularly enamored with The Giggling Garden, aptly named because of the funny sounding Dinosaur Kale and Red Dragon Carrots.

The carton includes clear instructions which I find particularly helpful for obvious reasons, and the kids will love to join in. We
have just started our own Giggling Garden and I am more hopeful than I
have ever been about a veggie salad with produce that my kids and I have
grown ourselves. For real. –Eva

The Giggling Garden and many other sweet sounding (and tasting) seeds are available at In the

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