For those of you with kids (like my son) who would rather eat just a little bit of everything instead of a big Dagwood sandwich, CMP favorite LunchBots is going to make your day. (If not your kids’ lunch.)

The brand new LunchBots Quad is a new box, or bot, divided into four quadrants. I can’t wait to fill up this modern looking bento box with pretzels, apples slices, cut-up cheese and ripped up turkey breast for my son at preschool. It’s also great for snackers on the go, since it seals shut easily and stays that way.

Besides looking cool, I love that this eco-friendly reusable box is also rust and stain-free. You can put the bottom part in the dishwasher and it won’t get damaged–ever. It’s also unbreakable–a really good thing for a three year old, trust me.

The stainless steel LunchBots Quad is $19.99 at LunchBots.