Classic toy car photography from Jamie Horton
I’ve always liked the idea of decorating a child’s room with fine art photographs. If the colors are great and the subject is cool, it can make a room feel so fresh and modern.

So I’d say bright, colorful photos of classic children’s toys fit that bill perfectly. Especially when they’re your own children’s toys.

And these come from the brand new, just opened Etsy shop of a super talented, award-winning photographer.

I’m totally in love with these fine art photographs of classic toys from photographer Jamie Horton
that she originally made for her own sons, from their own toys.  As you
can tell from the biplane, the school bus, the classic race car, the fire truck, or the double-decker bus, Jamie’s oldest son is “a wheel guy”– I’m
you know a few of those.

Fine art photos of toys: Jamie Horton Photo

Fine art toy car photo from Jamie Horton Photo

Fine art fire truck photo by Jamie Horton

Here’s what’s even cooler–if you want to ship
her a beloved toy, she’ll take an original photo for
you, print it beautifully on archival paper, and send both back in perfect condition for $75 plus shipping.

Jamie is a huge talent–she’s gone from award-winning photojournalist,
to beautiful baby and family portraiture, and now to her own Etsy shop,
lucky us. And I don’t just say she’s amazing because she’s my cousin. Which she is. (I have some talented family members!) I’ve been awed by her work for years and I love that she’s doing this.

In fact, think my girls have a few well-loved rag
dolls that are ready for their close-ups. –Liz

Find the classic toy fine art photos on sale at the Jamie Horton Photo EtsyShop, or have your own toy photographed! Also, see more of her work at

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